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Sunday, October 23, 2011

Quick Transfer Anointing

Don't bow down to the glory of the enemy int he midst of your wilderness experience, trying to get a quick transfer into the blessed land.  In other words, don't abort your destiny trying to avoid death, burial and resurrection process... meaning you will do anything to keep from being persecuted or being displayed on the cross, even if it means persecuting others, lying and cheating to secure personal success.

To get to the next level in God, you are going to be killed.  You're simply not going to die to natural causes... you will be set up and killed, and most times by the religious crowd.  Jesus was set up to die by the religious crowd.  He knew he had to go to Jerusalem to be killed by the scribes and the Chief priests.  You will never get to the place of a new identity in Christ, being resurrected in a place of true destiny and purpose, unless you will your flesh to be set up for death.

Excerpt from "The Tomb Glory Experience" by Dr. Janice Crenshaw