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Experience the 2012 Year of Breakthrough

Saturday, January 26, 2013

The Walls of #Breakthrough

In this journey called life, we will hit walls that are designed by God to strengthen us.
At these God-designed walls, we will either have a breakthrough or stay stuck.  Staying stuck at the wall is called arrested development.  Are you ready for a breakthrough?
Here are 3 character traits that will help you experience a breakthrough:
Will (heart) is the ability to fight through adversity.
Wisdom is the ability to live life as you learn from others experiences.
Skill is the ability discipline yourself and master your craft.

Here’s the key, the God who designed the walls is the same God who will empower you to breakthrough the walls.
It's time to BREAK IT OUT...!

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Taking Your #Breakthrough Experience into 2013

Push past the distractions, find a quiet afternoon, get still, and focus on some personal 'housecleaning' so that you are ready for 2013's adventures. 
1) Make a list of the negatives of 2012. What mistakes did you make? What did you learn from them? What can you do to avoid them in the future? Which projects or relationships in your life need a different perspective or approach? Is there anyone you need to forgive (possibly yourself)? Is there anything you need to release and not carry with you into the new year?
2) Make a list of the positives of 2012. What goals were you able to accomplish? What did you learn along the way? What worked well for you? In what areas did you experience breakthrough (emotional, educational, physical, business or work, financial, mental, spiritual)? Did you receive answers to prayer?  What are you grateful for?
3) Change. What would you like to accomplish in 2013? List the areas of your life that you would like to change, and list some steps--even tiny advances you can take under each one--to make them happen. What areas of your character need overhaul, tweaking, strengthening, or polishing?
4) Listen to your dreams. Ask the Lord to release more dreams to you about your purpose and destiny. And, ask for the dream interpretations as well. Write them down and pay attention. If you kept a dream journal, go back to analyze 2012's dreams. You may begin to realize that you are being called to pull off feats way beyond your own abilities. Exploits that will require supernatural involvement to make them happen. Dream Big!
What is one simple step you can do TODAY to launch with power into 2013?  Your season of unanswered prayer is here, it's time to BREAK IT OUT!