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Thursday, December 29, 2011

Fully Committed to Breakout

Only a content heart can fully commit.  The discontented heart will always look back and unfortunately, somtimes turn back because it is lukewarm, doubtful, uncertain, insecure, and unstable in his ways.  God needs to knwo that He can trust us with the possessions that He was prepared to give to us.  He must be sure that we will use the possessions in accordance with His plan and purpose.  He needs to know that we are fully committed to His kingdom way and not easily seduced by riches and wealth to meet selfish desires.  God needs to know that we will not conform to the ways of the world, but instead be fully committed to that which is good, acceptable, and pleasing to Him.

Excerpt from "The Secret of Contentment" by Lisa M. Williams

Monday, December 19, 2011

New Beginning

A new beginning awaits us if we let the old/outer man die and allow the new/inner man to rise because it is the inner man that delights in God.  Most of us fear death of any kind, literally or figuratively, because we have doubt that there will be life after death.  Job lifts up a rhetorical question that reflects his uncertainty about resurrection and restoration.  However, Job follows this statement of uncertainty with a declaration of faith and hope.  Despite what it looked like, Job resolves to wait in faith for as long as was determined by God until his hope was satisfied.  Job expected change; the old to pass and the new to spring forth and was willing to patiently endure to see it.

We have a promise and the blessed assurance that the old will pass and all things will be renewed, if we are in covenant relationships with Christ.

Excerpt from "The Secret of Contentment" by Lisa M. Williams

Monday, December 12, 2011

Breakout and Break Away from the Material

The word of God speaks and demonstrates that the mind controlled by the flesh has a different perspective than one that is controlled by the Spirit.  The mind controlled by the flesh measures abundance by material gain and possession, while the mind controlled by the Spirit assesses the account in heaven.  The mind controlled by the natural desires is distracted and often consumed by material possessions and operates according to the principle of buying and selling, unable to grasp the kingdom principle of sowing and reaping.  When we stop seeking contentment in material things and commit to that which is for God, of Christ, and by the Spirit we will receive the fruit of His work that includes contentment.

Excerpt from "The Secret of Contentment" by Lisa M. Williams

Monday, December 5, 2011

Breakout With Contentment

Contentment is a spiritual virtue that cannot be found externally but must be produced internally (i.e., the work of the Spirit).  Since, the human nature (flesh) is never satisfied it therefore lacks the capacity to express contentment.  Our inability to express contentment is a reflection of our walking after the flesh and not after the Spirit.

Excerpt from "The Secret of Contentment" by Lisa M. Williams