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Sunday, June 3, 2012

Quick-Fix #Breakthrough, #TheSISTAHSMinistry

God doesn’t want to jiggle our wires, but to reconnect us. If you haven’t made a conscious decision to follow God, you don’t know Him. You don’t start with it and lose it - you have to gain it first.

The answer to our inner thirst is a complete surrender to God. The woman at the well had been “looking for love in all the wrong places” - one "Quick-Fix" after another.  The reality is that there isn’t a perfect man who will fill a woman’s life any more than there is perfect woman who will fill a man’s life!  In the process of hunting for someone to fill her life this woman became as empty of self worth, significance, and value as a dirty worn out sock in the corner of a basement laundry room.

Jesus always looks deeper than the surface. He looked much deeper, and saw the deep searching in her heart that had been left so long unsatisfied! 

He doesn’t concentrate on what we are, but is aware, and wants us to be aware, of what we can become – with his help. 

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