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Saturday, January 7, 2012

#Breakthrough Anointing: 25 Days of Breakout... Doing "First Things First"

God will hedge you in with favor.  Do you know what favor is?  Favor is the kingdom of God giving you "undeserved access".  God's favor takes you places and puts you in positions you could possibly never go on your own.  It will take an orphan girl by the name of Esther and make her a queen for "such a time as this".  Favor will raise you up out of obscurity into notoriety.  Favor will cause Boaz ("a dream man" for a husband) to find you, Ruth.  Favor will pull you out of the pit and put you into a palace, Joseph.  Favor will turn your famine into a feast.  Favor will promote you.  It will put you in association with the right people.  It will give you access to places that have been closed off to you.  It will do for you what your resume cannot do for you -- what money, a mate, or ministry cannot do for you but the grace of God can do.

Excerpt from "First Things First" by Pastor Paula White

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