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Experience the 2012 Year of Breakthrough

Saturday, January 28, 2012

#Breakthrough Anointing: First Things First, 3 Days to Break it Out!

Challenges will arise and there may be days of disappointment and difficulties -- lfie has ebbs and flows.  It is part of the rhythm to life.  Your "faith" does not prevent "life" from happening, but it will carry you  through it!  As a believer, you have been equipped to face whatever setback, obstacle or challenge comes your way through God and His Word... you can have the peace that passes all understanding even when things are rough.  You can have wisdom to navigate your life.  You can have a patience and longsuffering to stand firm under pressure.  You can have joy that far surpasses a happiness derived from external factors.  Anything that the enemy steals from you, there is restoration.

Excerpt from "First Things First"  by Pastor Paula White

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