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Experience the 2012 Year of Breakthrough

Sunday, January 29, 2012

#Breakthrough Anointing: Discover the Protection of First Things First, 2 Days to Breakout

Anything you willingly offer up to the Lord will always come back as a blessing.  God has promises for you that cannot fail.  So people may see you in a pit, but they will also see God cause you to be triumphant over your circumstances and promoted to a palace if you don't quit during the process!  God wants to be magnified and show Himself big in your life that He may be glorified.

With that favor, God will also protext you as with a shield.  Not only will you be blessed, you will be protected.  It is the Lord who gives you the ability to get wealth - the power to prosper and to succeed in your unique destiny.

Excerpt from "First Things First" by Pastor Paula White

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