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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

#Breakthrough Anointing: Don't Stop 'Til You Break it Out... 28 Days of "First Things First"

God has an order and a plan for you.  To be in harmony with the will of God and attain the highest state of purpose for your life, you must follow God's precepts.  If you fail to keep God first, your life can become out of balance and out of order.

Many precious believers have bypassed and overlooked the principle of first fruits in God's Word, perhaps not intentionally but unknowingly.  If it's important to God, it must be important to us!  God is the only One who has the power to give wealth, which is the word of wholeness that is nothing missing and nothing broken, and blessings -- that is a life of empowerment.  But it is exciting to know that He has given us the knowledge we need to receive those blessings.  His truths are available to you.  His commands and blessings are outlined in God's Word for all who will search them out to see.

Excerpt from "First Things First" by Pastor Paula White

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